This, That and Whatever

Just messing looking at some pics
I had on facebook....
Thought I would share a bit
of this, some of that
and of course some
Driving through Walmart parking lot
to the gas pumps back a few months
ago and I saw this guy sitting
in his car on the phone...but
it was the white walls I could not
Yep, they were painted on.
The other day I saw this camo car.
Really? How did I see it if it was

Laughed when I saw this.

Back before Halloween I was in Dollar
General and saw this...

Do you ever just wonder how long
it took someone to do this?

Christmas say you?
Yoda says it's almost Christmas!

LOL....and what about a Cat Litter
I had to pass!

Poor baby, chicken is laying but
there is no one picking up....
and no roaster to make
them eggs baby chicks.

Had to laugh about this...
Chris picked this up at the store and
here I was laughing about his smiley
face sponge but come to find out
this is a big thing!
Suppose to be amazing and does
a lot of things....
And I thought it was just cute.
Stopped in Goody's last week,
and saw these earrings.
Loved them...
till I saw they cost $50.00!
Yep, you read that right. A shell and
silver. I put them back.

I had to have a proceedure done at the
diabetic foot docs office....
waiting on the doc I enjoyed looking
at his paper towels.

Brought a smile to my face.
This did too....going through McDonald's
one morning for breakfast!

Back to the docs office...
sitting in the waiting room and I
spied a face!
Do you see it?

LOL.....hope you enjoyed.
Thanks for stopping in,


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