Animals From the Weekend

Meet Clover!
Clover was born on March 17, 2014,
St. Patricks Day.
Did you know that when a horse is born he might
grow to be a different color?
Well, I did not know this, I had a 9 yr. old
I mentioned that Clover had some usual markings.
At the time he was just all dark around the eyes.
The 9 yr old proceeded to tell me that
the dark was color Clover would be when
he lost all his baby fur/hair.
You can tell it in the pic below.
Backside is still light colored.


This little colt was so loving and enjoyed
me petting it.
Lenord - the pot belly pig.
He is enjoying Chris spraying himm

That must feel wonderful on a hot day.

After the spray down. He was waiting to
see if I had more watermelon to feed him.

Wanting to "smell" a bit closer for the
watermelon! I have also learned
that pigs have a great sense of smell but
are actually near sighted. Interesting..

This is Maybelline,
with sour cream all over her nose!
I am learning that pigs can eat everything...
and I mean EVERYTHING!

Dakota resting in the chair with momma..(ME)...

Have a great day and thanks for stopping in,


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