Red Feathered Clover - Trifolium Rubens

Coming home from my brother's house
on Saturday, I saw the most
amazing field.
Green, red and white.
I was riding with my mom, and I did not
have my camera with me..
So, later that day about an hour
before the sun went down I
was out at this field taking pics.
And checking out to see what
these red plants were.

Upon a closer view I realized they were clover.
I have seen the purple clover but
never the red. Beautiful.

And of course, home I went to look it
up and the name I came up with is
Red Feathered Clover-
Trifolium Rubens.
The internet says~

Trifolium rubens - Ornamental Clover, Red Feather Clover

The most ornamental of all Clovers and definitely worthy of a place in the garden. Huge, deep red flower heads are silver when in bud and are borne on long stems. Silvery, hairy leaves too. 12 inches tall by 18 inches wide. Fantastic for attracting butterfly's and hummingbird's. Prefers Sun to Part Sun Hardy in zones 5-9.

I must admit again, I never have seen red clover.
And as long as I have lived out in that area, and traveled
that road I am so surprised I never
saw this before.
I could see shooting senior class pics or
children pics in that field.
Make for some amazing shots.
Thanks for stopping in,


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