More on the Yard

Yesterday I stopped on the way
home since I still needed
plants for some pots.
(and I still need more)
I got the blue pail at Goodwill for .99 cents and
the green pail at a thrift store for 3.00.
Hard to buy a good pot for those prices.
I know this pot is good for succulents...
but I am trying to see if I can
get flowers to grow out the sides.
I had this pot on hand.

I got this piece a couple of years ago.
The top has a solar light on it.
Last year I had nothing in it.
But now....

I love my new garden bed. I had the
two little pots last night.
I have another bike plant stand
I need to get out of the shed and
fix it up also.

Got this window box for $3.00 at a thrift
store last fall.

Hanging in the Crepe Myrtle tree.

My son loves to mess with Gnomes.
I got this for the garden just because of that.

The yard is looking good and the flower beds
are growing. I have one more to
do but I am waiting
on the BEE's to leave.
I want to make a bed on the side of the shed
but I keep getting swarmed.
Been more than normal this year but
I have heard that when they leave to kill the
eggs by putting WD40 in the whole.
Going to try that...
But when the BEE's are gone, I am making
a bigger bed and I want to put plants that
will come back each year.
After that, I think I will build a fire pit.
Thanks for stopping in,


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