Mini Weekend Vacation - Standing Stone State Park - Tennessee

I have several photography friends, which makes
going out to shoot with someone a lot of fun.
Theresa is a photographer for the State of Tennessee.
We headed out for Standing Stone State Park in
Hilham TN. on Friday evening. Theresa
was teaching a class on Saturday
morning and thank goodness
she asked me to tag along.
I had never been to that park.
After you enter the park and travel just
a bit on a curvy road with a steep bank going
up on one side and one going down to the
lake on the other side, you come up on this
bridge. The bridge is actually the dam for
the lake. Yes, its a one lane bridge.
But down below that

Redbuds were in bloom as well as dogwoods.
Most trees had not put out their leaves
yet but in the next week,
everything will be so green.

Every step produced a new
and exciting picture.

This with the redbud being my fav.
Right down from the running water
of the dam you have this bridge.
Oh my, get in the middle of it and it
swings and moves.
But I did make it across.

Downstream pasted the dam and the walking bridge.

I remember my days of fishing...
this was how those fishing
days usually went!

Thank you for stopping in,


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