Polar Bear Plunge - January 1, 2014

It's 2014...
and I made it through another
Amazing after the way I felt Sunday.
With a wicked virus that left me
dehydrated and very sick I
actually feel like I will LIVE!
So I venture out for a couple of
hours to photograph an event that
takes place every year but I have
never attended...
Camp Widjwagan (YMCA)
at Percy Priest Lake.
I learned that there is also a contest
for the best costume.

Camo/fall like bathrobe?


Lots of folks turn out to view this.

Cutie in his neon pink wig and
strange face.
Getting ready.
Standing in the cold awaiting the time to
When I viewed this pic just before putting
it up here I realized this was Lakelyn,
I did her senior class pics a month or
so ago!
Funny, did not realize that till now!
And here is one pic from Lakelyn's
senior shoot.
And IN they go.
Stay in no longer than 2 mins.
Don't enter more than twice.
Wear shoes.


And BACK they come!
Even being carried...lol

Pic time.

Watching the rest come IN...
and I just realized that the woman with the
white towel over her shoulder is Lisa,
Lakelyn's mom.
We made it!
And it appears that the dog gets
into the act also.

This was an awesome cheering site.
They were cheering, and even making up
cheers and songs.

All wet.

We did it hon!

Interview time.

I think I will only venture in this far....
Look, I am touching the water.

I loved this costume..
Victorian dress with an umbrella.

CHEESE for the camera.

Thanks for stopping in,



Gail Wilson said…

we have that in our town too, but they JUMP off a dock. That seems better than walking in.

hope you're feeling even better now.

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