Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 was a tad confusing this
year, since it came on Thursday but
Nashville had sever storm and tornado
warnings out. Some cities
decided to wait and do
Halloween on Friday.
And when the weather was
not as bad as thought at trick or treat time
some decided to do it on
Now for the kids that did it
both nights....I bet
they racked up on candy!
I was hired to play a clown for
a Halloween open house at a
Been a few years since I played that part
but I think Rag a Muffin
did a great job.
My friend Theresa caught this
pic during that event.
On the way home from that event I was
called and told that my great
nephew Cole was going to
visit my mom.
Yep, I headed that way.
Me and Cole...
Isn't he so cute.

Now to Friday night Halloween.
My grandkids live in an area that
decided to hold off till then.
This is Caleb and
DJ dressed and ready
to head out.

And yes, we had two Spidermen...
the little one is Braden.

Check out the mask Caleb had.
It was really neat the BLOOD ran
from a tube that was down the sleeve
of his outfit, down between the
mask and a clear coated mask and
into another tube and back into
the squeeze thing!
Pretty cool.

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