Two Days of Yard "Selling"

I posted a blog about the first day of
yard selling the other day and the
fun Debbie and I had during the day.
But Saturday brought more adventures!
I failed to get a pic of Jennifer (another
friend of Debbie's) trying this out for a
It's an AB Roller.
But if that was not what you were looking
for we also had an AB Lounger.

Our tables began to look bare.

As you can see, it was a beautiful day for
a sale.

On Saturday I brought more stuff,
this arrangement being one.
I ended up taking this back home.

And with it getting close to the spooky
time of year, we had Halloween stuff.
LOL....we had to laugh while unpacking
these items. I know this cardboard owl
goes back to the 80's!

Sold this for Mom.

And I sold my 10 speed bike.
Yay...that is out of the shed.
Why I thought I needed a MALE
10 speed to begin with I will never know.

This is a candle holder....

Cute little cup holder.


Something to soak those feet that
have been out all day yard selling!

Odds and ends.

More odds and ends. But I did have an
older gentleman tell me that he was buying that
pie slicer??
He was talking about the black rack thing
for papers on the desk. I think I
threw him off when I picked up a
glass globe for a ceiling fan and told
him he needed the biscuit cutter too.
But later in the day right before packing up
time it got a bit crazy.
Debbie's daughter in law had a blonde
wig in the sale that we all
just had to play with.
This is Jennifer....acting so

And this is me (pink) helping
Debbie put on the wig.
And NO....I don't have a pic of me
with it on!
Made sure of that....
Thanks for stopping in,


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