Italian and Greek Festivals -9/7/2013

I am a Festival Goer!
I love to attend all the festivals
I can, with my camera of course.
Summer festivals are about to get the better
of me, can't take heat like I use
to but this year with a really
mid summer, I have
been able to attend more.
Saturday with my friend Theresa, we attended
the Italian Lights Festival.
I must admit, I was a bit disappointed
since this one had such a big built up and
it just did not seem to deliver. But
part of that could be that we were
there at 11 am and it started at 10.
Seems like they were not
yet ready and booths and projects
were not set up.
But here are some shots I got there.
This fish in the art tent was
really cool.....made
from scrap wood.
If you click on the pic it will come
up bigger for you to view.
Another neat project.
A frame made from scrap wood.

My oldest brother Ray would probably love
the pickled okra.
Should have gotten him a jar.
And I think I am correct in saying he loves
pickled eggs.

I really liked this. I love hats but I look
stupid in them!
This would be so cute with a
These were cool.
Bracelets made of chains.
Now if I could get my younger
brother to locate me some chains
him and I could make some
of these.
(I know he is probably rolling
his eyes thinking that he has enough
to do without getting involved in
things with me)
My foot at the Italian Festival.

On the other side of town we went to the
Enjoyed this one a lot more.
As you can tell....
Theresa says I was getting
my inner Greek on.

This is pretty but.....there
were about 5 of these connected
to a main light. A bit
much for my home. 
Nesting dolls....all kinds.

LOL.....I have no need for these...
no one I want to belly dance for.

The baking area.....yummy.

The "eye", I think this is to look after
you and keep evil away.

Like I belly
dances given by me...

Just part of the folks coming to
this event.

And the Greek sausage I had was
Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
looks like a fabulous fun time! :)
loving the frame... a friend from online use to make things like that, and I always loved them.

Isn't it so fun to get out and about?


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