It's Almost Time - Proms and Graduations

It's almost that time!

What time?
Time for proms….
Time for graduations…..
And time for moving on…….

Wow, I remember what it was like when I graduated.
I kept saying over and over again, "I made it, I finally
made it, I can't believe that it's over"! What about you, what
were your thoughts on the day you graduated?
Well, there are two in my family graduating from high school.

My niece Holly and nephew Cobi. Holly will be attending UT Knoxville in the fall and Cobi will be attending Cumberland University in Lebanon TN. Wow…wonder what is going through their mind.

Holly and Cobi

I am very proud of both them but esp Cobi. Cobi is the son of my oldest brother, Ray. He is so funny and sweet, has blue eyes and blonde hair just like his brother and sister, but Cobi was adopted.

Cobi came to us when he was a year old from Romania. Such an adorable little fellow when he came here. Don't get me wrong, he still is but you know how sweet little ones are!

Cobi has come a long way, he has had battles to fight that most kids never face and I think he has come out to be a level headed young man that knows he has to study and study hard to get somewhere in this life. I think at this point he is ready to give it his all.

Not sure what he plans on studying in college, and he might not even know. But Cobi, your aunt Pam wishes you all the best in whatever you decide to do. I am proud of where you are in your life right now. Continue to make us proud of you.

And this is Cobi of course, just like the rest of the family,
they have to make a face when having their
pictures made.

Not sure what it is with this family and faces!

Congrats Cobi and Best of Luck.

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Congrats!! My daughter went off to college this year and we had all of those "lasts" this time last year! It's such an exciting time for them (and us!)

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