Crafting Around

I saw this on PINTEREST and thought
I would copy it. I see now that
I have some places I need to fill in
with small rocks. This is
for your hot plates.

Next project consisted of a lamp I purchased
at Goodwill for $4.99. I took it apart
and then I took a globe that I
got at Goodwill for $99 cents.
So for $6.00 I made this really
need planter.
Bet it will look neat with a trailing
vine in it.

Next project was one I made
for a friend. She is into this
Steampunk stuff and will be going
to some 3 day event in September.
So for 3 days she is making 3 different
outfits, I threw this in for her to wear.
I think it turned out really neat.

This is another project from PINTEREST.
And one of my favorites!
Jelly Bean Bubble Gum Looking
candy machine. $2.99 at
Goodwill. I took it apart and
took out the workings so that
the bird seed would just go straight
through. Cut a dowl rod to apply
to the front for a perch. Added jute
for a hanger and I have a really
neat bird feeder. I love it.

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