Day 71- July 6, 2011 - Birthday Gifts for Cindy

My friend Cindy joined me this week in the
over 50 group.....51 to be exact!

I am always at a lose as to what to do
for gifts. I love giving handmade things
so that is what I did for Cindy also.
This was made from a metal candle holder and
a glass globe. I Gorilla glued them together and
added some beads.
Whoops....just realized that when I took this pic
I had not finished it and I do not have a pic
of the finished project.
To finish it off I wrapped some silk ivy
around the base of the globe.

Also, I gave her some earrings....I made both
these pairs back to back but I gave
Cindy the ones on the right, pink, a color
she wears a lot of.....and washers
of course!
Glad you joined me in the 51 group Cindy.

Thanks for stopping in,


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