Day 39- May 8, 2011 - Mothers Day Gifts

My Mom is hard to get for. If she
wants something, she goes and gets it.
She don't need clothes, she don't want plants
to water, and she don't want any more nick knacks
to set around. So what do you get someone
like that????

I made her something. Something
that I thought she might really like.

This is it before matting and framing.
I had a print made in 8x10 and I matted
and framed it in 11x14.
I wanted to put the meaning of each
childs name beside the pic but there
was not a meaning for Braden. So I
went with the birthdays instead.
The first 3 great grandkids happen to
be my grandchild, the last one
in my great nephew, Cole. He was born
just a little over 2 months ago.

I liked this so well that I also made
up one for my daughter for the boys
to give her.
Both Mom and Amber loved
there gift.

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