Sunday Citar

Morning everyone!
This is my first time to play along with Tabitha over at
Fresh Mommy for Sunday Citar but I love
playing along with others and meeting new folks.
If you have not checked Tabitha's blog out
just jump on over and check it out now.
She has two beautiful children and she is an
excellent photographer.

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.
Reba McEntire

Thanks for stopping in,


Jimi Ann said…
Hi Pam. Thanks for stopping by today! Hmmmm...a wishbone, backbone and funnybone -- trying to figure out which one I need to work on most! I guess a funnybone for me -- need to laugh more. Glad I found you and decided to follow so I can get to know you a bit! Happy Sunday...
Teagan said…
Personally, I'm missing the backbone at the moment. ;)

Fabulous quote!
Fresh Mommy said…
Sooo glad you joined in!! And that quote is awesome! I totally agree, need a little courage and a little fun in our lives. Hope to have you join in again! :)

Veronica Lee said…
Cute quote!! My backbone (I've lower back pain) is my stumbling block at the moment!

So nice to meet you!

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