Day 353 - March 17, 2011 - The House that Stands Over the River

This house has stood here as long as I can
remember, overlooking the river.
I know its been here for at least 45 years
but I have no clue as to how long
before that.

As I was growing up I was told at some point
that a writer lived there. And once again,
I have no clue if that is correct.

I have tried to photograph this house many times
in the last couple of years but up until about
5 years ago that would require you walking out
onto the middle of the bridge on a busy road.

Now that bridge has become a green way, walking
track so it has made it easier to get over there
without being ran over to take pics of it.

Then I have issues usually with all the wires that cross
over that river along side of the bridge or in
the summer time, the trees. I knew that
if I planned on getting a shot of it I
had to do it now, the trees are starting
to bud out.
A little ways down the river past the house is this
structure. If I am not mistaken this would be the
wall where once upon a time an old bridge was.
As a teen I heard that this is where President Andrew
Jackson would cross the river in his buggy to
head to Nashville. I don't find that hard
to beleive since his home is just down the road.
I could not tell what the other side of the river had on
its banks due to the trees and the bend in the river.
But isn't it interesting to think that maybe that is
where President Andrew Jackson aka Old Hickory
traveled to make that long trip to Fort Donaldson
on the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville.
I also think I remember hearing that the trip from
his home to Nashville took 2 days by
only takes about 30 to 40 minutes these days.

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