Day 284 - January 3, 2011 - Top Ten Projects for 2010

Here are my top ten projects for the year.....
in just ramdon order.

As you can tell my paintings have been moved to the
back burner since I think I only did about 7 very small
and simple ones.....I plan on changing that this year.

This one was painted as a commission item.
This one was painted as part of my Woman's Series.

Washer necklace. Kept this one for myself.

Scarfs that I have given away as gifts.

The stool made for my room (you have to understand, most
everything I make I give as gifts)....this was made from
an old end table.

Another project to organize my life......necklace holder. Picture
frame, screen wire and curtain hooks.

Love these and I got this idea from surfing other blogs....aren't
they so pretty.

Next, my Mom's Christmas gift. I did change out the beads
from the brown tones to green tones for her living room.

My grandson Caleb's snack table.

And a set of washer necklace and earrings for a
Christmas gift.

Thanks for stopping in,


What great projects, you've been busy this year. Good luck with your paintings, can't wait to see the new ones!
Beautiful paintings! Wow! And I love all your washer jewelry. An artist and a crafter! Great job!
What great projects, Pam! I'm especially fond of the washer necklace - how creative is that?!

Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment on my placemat pillows! Happy New Year!
Bromeliad said…
The paintings are terrific but I must say the washer necklace is close to my heart.

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