Washer Necklaces and Earrings

I am so happy with how these turned out.
You will need washers, any size that you wish to work with. Before getting started you will need to take fine sandpaper
to rough up the washer, then wipe it clean.

I then took scrapbooking paper, tracing the washer on the
back side. I mod podged the paper to the washer and after
allowing that to try over night, I cut them out with an acto

After that was done I used Glossy Accents to apply
to the top of the washer over the paper. This needs to
also dry for another night...making sure it is completely
dry and hardened.

I found some of this trim ribbon at Wally World...just
perfect in size for what I wanted to do.

You will also need these items. The needle nose are for
spreading the jump rings and pushing them back together.
The crimp tool is used for applying crimping beads at the
end of the ribbon so I could add a hook.

some other items you will need......

and if you want to add a little more color and interest....
you will need beads.

And here are the finished products......
This first set has two washers laid on top of each other. Both
different sizes. Notice the bead in the center of the of the washers.
Then there are the added beads to the smaller washers used
for earrings.
This set is just one large washer.

This set is the same as the first only in different colors.

I love the way they turned out!
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Kirsty said…
nice idea! blues the best!
Allison said…
Super cute! Thanks for linking up.

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