Thank You Very Much Thursday

It’s that time of week again, the time
where we vent our thanks out to
anyone or anything that might have
helped to make our past week a pain!
THURSDAY. For more heart felt,
warm and fuzzy thank you’s, hop
on over to Kmama’s at The Daily Dribbles
and read on.

Thank you very much for the
soreness I feel today since going
to the chiropractor yesterday.
Even though I know in the long
run I will feel so much better but the
first day I don't.

Thank you very much for my having
NO will power and stopping and
getting a bacon, egg and cheese
biscuit since I was running late
and did not get my fruit smoothie
made this morning.

Evil Arm Bending King


Thank you very much for a LONG week.


Thank you very much for yesterday
since it was one of those days that
I dropped almost everything I picked
up. I so hate those days. Thank
goodness it was never anything
this heavy!

Thank you very much Mother Nature
for that snow and ice pellets you were
shaking on us here in Nashville yesterday.
But for a real thank you….THANKS for
the upcoming weekend that is suppose
to hit to mid 60’s.

Thank you very much for the tight, stressed
feeling I have had the last few days. You
know the kind, the one that makes you
feel like you are all tied in knots. What’s
with that? Is it a sign that something is
going to happen?

And last but not least thank you very
much for my printer at work yesterday
telling me I needed to add paper and
when I opened the drawer there laid
a rubber band of a sorts thingy! Now
its reading replace photocopy…..
thinking it has seen its better days.

Here’s hoping you all have a great up
coming week with out to many

Thanks for stopping in,


Kmama said…
Sounds like you've had a heck of a week!!

I hate the initial soreness from a visit to the chiropractor. My MIL works for one and she told me that if it lasts more than a day, to go back because sometimes things just get more out of alignment, rather than better.

Sounds like you need a new printer!!

Thanks for linking up!
VandyJ said…
Jealous of the 60's you are supposed to get. We won't get anything like that here in Wyoming until at least the end of April.
Rudy Rukus said…
That's funny. Sorry your back hurts and your printer doesn't work. That king is evil I agree in fact a whopper is sounding really good right now haha!

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