This, That and Whatever

HAHA.... I saw this on PINTEREST... Palm Trees!!

Last time I went to Gatlinburg TN was 2 yrs ago this month. I met my cousin and the family there.
You see when they vacation they do it all together. They rented a place in the mountains. Always asking me to meet them there in the fall or Panama City Fla. in the summer. 
I rather not vacation with  everyone but I met them in the  mountains. Caleb (oldest grandson)  and I drove up and stayed two nights. 
The day we were to leave I took something's out to the trunk of the car. Left it open and ran in to get more stuff....
when my cousin's son says there is a bear in Pam's car!
Yep, she was digging in m trunk. I had food in the back seat  and I think she smelled it.

Oh what an adventure. 
Took this pic this morning. Isn't that the sweetest face?

Hello to Fall and This and That

Been a really bad week.

Pain is kicking really badly. With that it is also ragweed season so the KING and I  are staying indoors. He has seasonal allergies also.
Have you seen where Lady Gaga has announced that she suffers from Fibro? So bad for her right now that she has canceled her  European tour. 
I read this and for those who  don't understand maybe this  will help....
It is hard to describe what it feels like to have Fibromyalgia  but I like the way the American College of Rheumatology puts it:  "For the person with fibromyalgia, it is as though  the 'volume control' is turned up too high in the brain's  pain processing areas."
Saturday I will go to my daughter's house where she will be having a family bday party for Braden. hard to believe that he is 7. I got him a toy but I also got him some PJs....with a dinosaur on it.
So....I wrapped the PJs and  decorated the wrapping. 

Death and a Birthday

Monday I put on a cute dress, fixed my  hair and applied my makeup... I actually sort of miss doing that daily.

But I did it this day because I was headed to the funeral home. A school mate past with cancer.
Terry Pilote, he was my oldest brothers age, 60. I met all the Pilote boys during our years at  DuPont High but I more or less went to the funeral  home for Terry's sister in law,  Tonya. Tonya and I went to  school together from 2nd till we graduated. I was also there for Terry's dad, Flo.  I met Flo about 4 or 5 years ago when I was dating Chris. Chris has a side job repairing small motors like golf carts, go carts, saws, weedeaters but mostly mowers.  Flo had a four wheeler that needed  repairing. He would show up most days just to hang around at the  garage. Such a sweet older man. 
Flo came to Nashville many years ago from Canada where he played hockey. He was one for the first  hockey players for the first team that Nashville had, the Nashville Flyers. 
His son's, Cary, Mark and Terry were als…