Friday, May 26, 2017

Garden Surprises

Good afternoon.

I have not been for a walk
around the yard in days.
But I grabbed the big
camera today and took a

Here is a bloom off the
plant my daughter got me
for Mothers Day!

I love the color, the shape
just the whole look of it.

Yay...this was a surprise.
My first blooming Day Lily!

More Day Lilies to bust out.

My Hosta are getting
close to blooming!

I love the Lavender!

Another surprise when
I checked the yard.

My fav of all time bush
is about to bloom.

The colors are amazing on my four
bushes. This one appears
to be pink but on the same
bush I usually have blue, and
purple blooms!
Hoping to have some great
blooms the year.
Last year these great bushes
did not even bloom at all.
2010 was an amazing year for them.
We had the floods the first of May
and the creek water did them wonders!

Now...this was a BIG surprise!
I think I planted this last yr. but
had forgotten!

HAHA....nope the next
pic was not a surprise!
But it was hanging there
so I shot it!

Thanks for coming by for a visit,

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Finger/Blood Blister Update

Sometime ago I developed
a small tiny blood blister on my
right pinky finger.

While working in my room
moving things around
I ripped that small tiny
blister open.

I thought it would never stop
bleeding. Every time I went to change
the bandage it would bleed really
bad again.

Finally at some point it started
to heal. It looked like a normal sore
where it had a crusty area around
the sore. Once again, I hit it and ripped
it open again.

It started looking a tad different at that
point. From that point on it got larger
and it was really raised. Sort looked
like a brain developing on the
end of my finger..haha

I called and made an apt with
my dermo doc. They could not see
me for 2 weeks.
Last week I called and got on
the cancelation list.
But with it beginning to look worse and
worse I went on their website
and told them how bad it was
getting and wondered if I
could be seen sooner.

Today at one I got a call and
they wanted to see me at 3:10.

I got there early and was taken right back at 2:35.
I guess I find it funny that there was only
me and two other people in
the lobby and they got me back early....
but they could not work me in till
June 1!

Anyway, it has a LONG MEDICAL name
but what it amounts to is a cluster of
blood vessels that were injury in
some sort of trauma.
Apparently starting a blood blister
and it went through trauma when
that got ripped open.

I will save you the sick tummy issues
by showing what it ended up
looking like.
But it has been removed.
Three nice shots of numbing
meds, a blade to remove
it and then it was

I will be wearing this bandage
all weekend. Trying to keep
it from being hit and keep
it dry.

The doc did tell me that she was
cauterizing it really well because
these things can come

Once again.....if anything strange
can happen it will
happen to me!

OUCH...the pain meds are wearing
off and the pinky
is throbbing.

Oh yes, it has been sent to the
lab to be sure that it is what
she though it was and
nothing else.

Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Key Rings and Rocks

Good evening bloggers.

As you have been able to tell
I have not been productive
in my crafting or paintings.

Today the dog and I pretty
much laid around all
day. My days seem to be
getting that way lately.

So I decided to pull from some
older blogs.

I mentioned in yesterdays
in leaving comments on
others blogs that I
collect key rings when
I travel. They are small,
easy to find and don't take
up a lot of room in the house.

I made a this first board a
few years ago for display
my rings on. No..I have
not traveled this much. I have
friends and relatives that bring
key rings back for me when they

I had pretty much filled up the first
board and was trying to decide
what to do next. I had bought this
older table from a friend that
just was beyond work so I took it
apart for other crafts.
The drawer got painted and it
became the next display for
my key rings.

I also mentioned to Sheri at
that along with the key rings I
collected rocks from my travels.
I bring them home and paint on them,
seal them well and put them in my
garden. That way each time I walk
the garden or water, I see my travels!

Sheri these are a few.

This rock I picked up outside my
nieces apartment when I went
to see one of her plays at
UT Knoxville.

Del Mar was my first one that I painted.
Picked up this smooth rock off Del Mar beach.

This one came from the sidewalk outside
my sons house in La Mesa.

I actually have 3 others that I picked up
in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and
Sevierville TN in 2015 that I have
not painted yet. I need to get things in

Wanted to also show you folks
what I did to my back and
front doors.

Back door.

Front door.

I am a total Wizard of Oz fan and
one time coming home from
a trip to Calif. to visit my son and
daughter in law, coming in the front
door, I said, "there's no place like home"....
I knew then I needed that on the door!

Thanks for everyone that stops in to visit my
blog. You folks are the greatest!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Purses/Dumping/Watermelon and Pets

Good evening all.

You guys have been visiting
me enough to know that
Today while surfing on
that site I found these

Love them......but my thoughts
are, the one thing I do not
like about PINTEREST is
when folks post things
on there with NO directions
to make it.
Yep, these were bloggers that
showed what they made but
no pattern or
directions! my soap box now.

With the visit to the doc yesterday
on the weight loss I
was given directions on
food I could and could not
add to my food intake.

Syrup being one you should not
have. But what was a wanting
so back this morning?

A waffle!
Well the only way I have ever
eaten a waffle is with syrup.
I endured what the weight
loss clinic calls

All of a sudden I broke out in
a sweat, a headache appeared,
I was sick at my stomach and
I was so dizzy it was unreal.

I knew what had happened.
A MISTAKE I will not make

But with the added things to the
food list...I can have the one
thing I was not sure
I could do without
this summer.


I mentioned on FB about being able
to have watermelon yet failed to
tell me my mom.
I get a call later, my mom talked
with her sister...
My sweet aunt Martha who mentioned
that she saw I could have it.

This morning, my mom delivered some
to me! haha
She knew that I would eat all
I could if she brought a big
thing of it so she brought
a small container she got
at Kroger!

Thanks Martha and

I can also, in limits have

Dinner tonight was
steak! A 6oz and I brought home
about 4 ozs. Took a few bites
of my salad and a few of
my sweet tater
(nothing on it).
The rest came home with

After dinner my friend
Theresa had to get cat food
and Petco is right new

I went over to see the cats.
Look at this adorable baby.
He/she was peeking out
at me.

Then I went to see the fish.
Not sure what these are
other then bottom feeders..

My fav.
When I had tanks of fish I
always had Neon Tetras.

Ferret looking out at me.

The birds.

Dakota wanted me to thank you
all that commented on him not
feeling well.
He has been on Benadryl the
last two days and he is
doing a lot better.
He has more allergies then I

Thanks for stopping in for a visit,

Monday, May 22, 2017

Weight Update

Me in

Me in Dec. 2016


This morning I saw my
weight doc.
He was very pleased at
my loss.
I am very pleased at my

I made another milestone...
under the 150 mark at
53 lbs gone now.

That is not the only milestone...
my goal was set by the doc
according to my height and
being a female. That
range falls from 125-140.
I am nine lbs away from
the top of that goal.

I also get to add food and
calories to my meals!
To maintain I can take the
calories on up but to continue to
lose I still keep it down.
I am going to add some here and
there but over all I plan on
losing more.

I don't go back to
see the weight doc again until
August 10th!

Last night I had yogurt
for my protein but
this is my meal.
And I left some of it.

My baby is not feeling up
to par today. Watery eyes
and just laying around.

When I got back from the doc
I went ahead and fed him his
dinner so that I could
put a Benadryl in his
food.....he is out and
snoring now!
Normally I put his pill in
cheese but he has got wise
to that so I am trying new
ways. And peanut butter
is not his favorite thing!

Silly dog.
Anyway, he is laying next to
me getting loved on.

Thanks for stopping in,

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Holly's Grad Party - Part 2

Today we had a party for
Holly from her hard
work of 4 years at UT

I thought it would be neat to
get a journal and have
everyone sign it.

The boards I made for Holly.

UT Knoxville colors.

The graduate.

My silly nephew Cobi

Camera HOG....haha
Cobi again.

my nephew Chase got Holly
the Vandy shirt since he
Vandy and she graduated
from UT.

My niece's hubby
Adam play indoor
football for the
Philadelphia Souls.

YUMMY brother and
his daughter, Holly.

Holly and her grandmother on
moms side.

Holly and Cole.
Cole is Chase's son and
Chase is Holly's cousin.

Holly's long time friend Amy and
Amy's mom.

Holly's uncle, cousin, and aunt. this shot.
Holly, her mom and Amy.

Holly, Susan (Chases wife),
Cole and Chase.

Holly socking Chase...
(pretend sock)

My mom and my nephew Chase.

Left to right..
My grandson Caleb, Jessy,
Chandler, my daughter Amber,
her boyfriend Will and

(Jessy, Chandler and Namath are
3 of Will's boys. The other one
stayed home today.

The boys again.

Amber, Caleb and Holly.

This is the first pic someone has
taken since I lost weight.
This is me and Holly.

It was a busy today. I stayed and
helped clean things up and I am tired.

Thanks for stopping by,