Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Table Runner

Hello today....

The other night I was digging around in 
some of my craft stuff and decided it
was way past time to finish something.

I started this table runner many, many, many....
shall I go on?
Years ago!
Probably late 80's.

I had gotten a lot done on it. Basically all
I had to do was the ribbon going all around.
I had done the better part of it then stopped.

I used JP Coats thread to begin with and now
I have DMC. So I matched as close as I could.
No one will be able to tell.

And I finished it up!

Now can you see a difference?

But, I am not a white sort of person. I
prefer cream, off white or beige sort of
So a brain storm took over.


Dip the runner in it and let it sit
a bit.

Not so white now and I am good with that.
Only thing, I have to iron it now!
Always something.....haha

I feel good about getting this done. I also ran across a
Christmas place mat I started about 15 yrs. ago, cross stitch. I
pretty much had it done and STOPPED! So I plan on

finishing that also.

And also on that list....when my daughter was a baby, and she
turned 36 in Dec. I started Aunt Martha iron on of the
state flowers. My thoughts were to do them in blocks
and have them quilted with a solid color for a bedspread.
I still have them and I plan on working on those
also. Thanks to my lovely sis in law, who is a
quilter, she said she would take control of
the quilting part!

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Photo of the Day - Abby's Wedding

From one of the weddings
I shot. 

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Photo of the Day - Sara

This is one of my favorite
people I photographed.
She was a doll.

I photographed her
in 2012 for her
senior pics. 

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Weight Update

Morning Folks!

I have not been updating my
weight loss / surgery cause I
have been waiting till I went
back to the doc for my weigh
in. That is not till April 6th and
I am busting the gut, so to speak,
to report on things!

According to my scales, which
I tried out when I returned from the
doc the first time and we were right
on the money with the same number,
I am down 33 lbs!
Keep in mind, with my digital scales
depending where you have them
sitting they can range from
2 to 3 lbs off either way. I try
to line my scales up with the same
square on the tiles of my floor in
hopes they read the same all the
time. So the true weigh in will be
April 6th.

There are a few things that I have to
continue to do.

First off I have to take certain vits. and
stuff everyday. I can't take large pills,
they all have to be crushed. If I have
any meds (that I take on reg. basis)
that are capsules I have to open them
and take the inside.

This is due to the fact that I had
a hiatal hernia for years. While
the doc was in there he fixed that.
To fix it the hole at the top
of the stomach had to be tightened
up and made smaller.

This is the container that my
calcium comes in. It is for
3 months. I take these 3 times
a day.

All these things I show you I will
have to be sure I take everyday
for the rest of my life.

Big container!

These don't have to be crushed,
I chew these.
Thank goodness cause they are pretty big

B12- I take it once a week.
I picked my day for remembering
to take it on Sat.

Also, another thing I have to stay on is
Multi Vit. I also take three of these
a day.

These are pretty big also. I tried to open
them and take the insides like I was told
but, the insides are really power like and
you can't just throw in your mouth and take.
Talking to the docs office I was told
that this will dissolve and I am shallow it.
I worry about it getting stuck but so
far so good.

I take this once a day.

This is a pill crusher. Until going through
this I had no clue they made these! lol.
That is what a sandwich bag and the end
of a wooden handle is for....crushing!

I have to be careful to not shallow my food
in too big of pieces. I chew 20 times or more.

I drink 64 ounces of liquid a day. 

I eat 60 to 90 grams of protein a day.
500 calories a day. 
I can add a few certain veggies with this
but normally after eating my protein at 
a meal, I am full. 

In three months I can add a few other
certain veggies. I can't have potatoes, 
pasta or beef until I have eaten 75% of
my weigh loss. 

I am living on tuna, chicken, fish,
and yogurt. 
Water and tea!
And the tea I can have has
to be decaf/unsweet. I can use lemon 
in both my tea and water.

It has been an interesting journey 
and I have only been at it for a month. 

Can't wait for the doc weigh in.
I think they will take blood then
to see where my levels on calcium
and Vits are. 

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Easter Door

Painted this for the front
door for Easter a few weeks

Finally got it hung!!!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bradens Christmas Ornament for 2017

I try to work every night
on my Christmas

Tonight I worked on
Braden's, my youngest

Only two more
grandson's to go
but a host of nieces
and nephews.

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Photo of the Day -Carolina - The Fish

Took this in 2008 when
I got my first Nikon.

my nieces fish.

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