Sunday, August 28, 2016

Family Get Together

My son Cory and his wife are in
from California.
They have not been back home
for 3 yrs. So my mom wanted
to do a get together and my sis in law
was open for us doing it at their home.
Lori you are a jewel.

With that said this is my daughter Amber and
my son Cory.

A few jokes and laughs between
brother and sister.

I wanted my daughter in law, Britney in
some pics but while she jumped in
and ready to have her pic made
the other two decided to be funny.

Now I know this last pic looks strange, no Cory
did not have an itch, he was holding his
bad habit out of the pic, not realize I could cut
it out...
Smoking....bad habit.

After lunch ice cream making
came into play.
My oldest brother Ray starting the
churning for the ice cream.

This is a pic of Cory's turn.
This is about as serious as it gets.

Of course I had to get a pic of my
grandson Caleb doing his part.

My great nephew, Cole giving my
mom, his great grandma a hug.

My two amazing sis in laws.
Lori is the blonde and she is Cole's grandmother.
Kim is in the blue, she is married to my
youngest brother who could not make
it since he was working.

My niece Jessica and her
Army man boyfriend.

Caleb kicked back after lunch.

Chase my nephew and little Cole's dad
decided to take Ms. Lola out of the cage
and play with her.

She had other thoughts.
Nest in Chase's hair.

Propped right up there taking things in.

Flapping her wings to let us all know
she was still there.

But the truth be known she was really
enjoying the taste of his hair gel.
She would grab a piece of hair and start moving
up from the root to the end then grab an other
piece and do it again.

And this is my Dakota, standing
behind Chase wanting to taste
Ms. Lola for lunch!

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rocks and Cashstrong

A couple of years ago
I started picking up rocks when
I traveled. Its an easy thing to pack and
carry home plus I don't have a lot of
things just sitting around.

I bring my rocks home and I
paint the location of where it came
from, seal it really well and put
it out in my garden.

Susie Q, as she is known is the
cousin of one of my best friends.
Susie saw my rocks on facebook
and wanted one for Memphis
where she has been spending a lot
of time lately. is Susie Q's rock for
her garden.

Susie Q has been staying in Memphis
with her daughter, daughters husband and
Susie's grandson, Charlie Cash.

So I wanted to send another rock
for Katie, Susie's daughter.

You see Cash is fighting cancer.
He is a cutie and he is 2 yrs old.
Cash will be starting round 3 of
chemo this coming week.

Cash's favorite song is
I Won't Back Down..
He has had people from all
over the US record that song
and send to him via FB.

So while you are enjoying what
I do with rocks please pass
on a prayer for Cash.

Thanks for stopping in,

He won't back down...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Vodka to Ghost

Good Afternoon Folks!

My mind is racing right along
on things that I want to do in the
house and around the house and
for crafts to make...

Some days I can't seem to turn it

Months ago a friend gave me
a couple of Vodka bottles and I
could not decide what to do with them.

Thought I would make a vase with each
but when I spray painted this one white
it hit me what I wanted to do to it.
Now to locate a back taper candle!

What do you think? 

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Friday

Good Sunday Morning.

I see a little sunshine this morning.
Yesterday was a rainy day and when
I say rainy, I mean it was raining
cats and dogs.

Speaking of dogs,
say good morning to Dakota,
AKA The King.
My best bud.

Last week was a busy week for me
but I am only electing to tell you
about Friday.

Morning consist of waking at 5:30, shower,
dress and makeup.
Makeup is not something I do often
since I retired but I was meeting up
with some folks later.

Why get up so early since I am
My grandson is staying with me
right now and it requires me
getting him to school.

Meet Caleb.

Handsome huh?

Anyway, him and his mom are moving
to another county but they are waiting
on a place to be ready.
Hence the reason he is with me.
It's a 45 min. drive to school.

Drop him off, drive back which
takes an hour since I am heading
the same way morning
traffic is going.
Run and drop the The King
off at my mom's.

And then I have an 8:15 doc apt.

On my way to the doc apt. I get
behind this.
Why would you do your car
this way?

Okay, that apt. out of the way and I
run home to throw some
laundry in the wash.

about an hour later I am out the
door again.
Having lunch with the group of
ladies I worked with at the
Tn. Bureau of Investigation.

Miss my Partners in Crime,
Cindy and Deborah.
Along for lunch with Diane Peoples
and Chaz.
I worked with Diane and Chaz the
last two yrs. at the Bureau.
Chaz being FBI.

After lunch and after the group
left I decided to look around.
We had lunch at Cracker Barrel
so I love to just walk around and look.

Wow....a new version of the old
record player!

Yep, Halloween and Christmas
is already out.

This caught my attention.
love it.

What a face!

Freaky and creepy!

I see you.

And then there is the old
friend that I grew up with.

On the way back home before heading
out to get Caleb at school I look in my
rear view mirror and .....
what is that, is Batman coming
up behind me?

Dude pulled up next to me so
I asked that that was...
Polaris Slingshot!

Interesting ride.

Then off to get Caleb.
Sitting in line at school
waiting for school to be over.

Time to head home and rest.....
After sitting and relaxing a bit
Caleb and I head right back
out, back to Wilson Co.
so that I can drop Caleb off
at the Wilson Co. fair and
I spent the evening hanging with
my friend Debbie.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

More Pics from my Back Roads Ride Around

I love to take pictures.
I love to make those memories.
I love to see the beauty in them.
I love to find something cool.
And I love to share them.

If you were to ever visit my facebook
page you would see that I have lots of
pics posted. I actually have an
album for just churches.

I found this little gem on my ride around
the other day.

Spring Creek Presbyterian Church,
est. in 1801.

I love to just set out and drive,
take roads I have never been on
and try to get lost!

That is when I find some really neat

Tater Peeler Rd.
Sounds like they are running
out of names!

Or how about Stumpy?
My next album on fb will consist
of unusual named street signs.
I ask my friends on fb to play
along by finding those street signs,
posting and tagging me in them.
I then put them in the album
listing who sent it to me.

Others love to play along.

Had to stop on the road to let
these ladies walk across.
The gent of the bunch was
on the other side of the road.

My fav time of the year to do a ride around
is in the fall. I will take off and be
gone for hours with my camera.
Course on that trip I venture out
leaving the home area and just drive!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Personality Shown in Mailboxes

It's all an art to me!
I am always looking around as I
drive....looking to see
if there is something cute to shoot.

Mailboxes being one item I
am looking for.
I started this in 2009
and I have an amazing album
on my fb page for mailboxes!

Just check out a few..

This first one is pretty cool.
Had to pull into the driveway to
get the side view of this.

This next one is in the town
next to where I live.
Donelson TN.
Paris anyone?

this one is in my hood!
Couple streets over.
Check out the tongue.

On my lunch break when I worked across
town I would ride around checking out
things. Found several "different"
mailboxes on that side of town.

This one was covered with
bottle caps.

LOL....and this one is
dressed for Christmas.

Okay so folks in my hood to it up
Just a few streets away.

Watertown, about a 30 minute drive
from my home.
To cute.
Go get the basketball and lets shoot some

To an animal theme here.
Can't recall where I found this

Another one from my riding around
I love this.

This next one was found at a metal
artist's home.
He is in his 70's and one of the most
amazing artist I have met.
I walked around his yard in
I was introduced to him that
day and today he is a friend

Panama City Fla.
on my trip down there a couple
of years ago.

A drive around during my lunch break.
Gothic or what?

Up around Ashland City.
45 minutes away from the

Farm animals.
No clue where I took this one.

wow....look another farm critter.

Chicken for dinner anyone?
Or maybe
oink, oink, oink

Out of all my mailboxes I really
think I like this the best.
Found it about 30 minutes from
the house.

Bet my brother Mark will love this one.

Check out he photographer
Got this baby in Gatlinburg TN
last Sept.


Rocks I think...
maybe shells.

I find a lot like this but they
are still very neat.


Well the mailman don't have to stretch
on this one.

 This one I think has seen better days.
Course the poor thing looks a tad
short too.

God Bless America

I found this one a few years ago when driving
myself and a couple of ladies from the office
to a conference in Paris Tn.
This drive is a couple of hours away.


Found this in my mom's hood.
I like the base.

Not sure where I got this one.
But the mail is sure to be blessed.

Another one around Paris Tn.

Friends neighborhood.
Set like this for a couple of years
but I noticed a couple weeks
ago that the plastic stand was finally
replaced with a real mailbox one.

 Anyway, that is just a few of the ones
I have found. I love finding these
little gems.

Thanks for stopping in,