Sunday, May 31, 2015


Saturday I had an outdoor
wedding to shoot but
this is how the sky looked
as I headed out!

Oh please hold off....
and it did.

Luck was with us. 
Wedding done.
Photos almost done...

Cake to be cut and the bottom
fell out.

Pretty much ended the events.

But on my way home, shortly down the
road I look up to see this.

Double rainbows for the wedding
Has to be a great sign.

Thank you for stopping in,

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Picnic Table

Chris had this worn out old
picnic table on the side of the house.
(sorry no before pic)

I have used it several times to set items
I wanted to spray paint.

All it needed was a little love...

and more BOARDS!

I told him if he would get the wood
I would fix the table....
he got the wood and went ahead and
replaced the pieces.

Now to pressure wash the flaking
paint on the body and
I will be ready to paint!

What shall I put on this table?

Cause you know that I am not just painting
it a solid color!!!

How about something like
bees and ants?

Bright bold flowers?

Or a game?

Guess you will have to wait a couple
of weeks to see.
I have a lot going the next couple
of weekends so it will have to wait some!

Thanks for stopping in,

Moving on Up

to 9th grade!
This is the gym of DuPont Hadley Middle
AKA from years ago DuPont
Sr. High then DuPont Jr. High.
I learned to walk the balance beam
right here in this gym.
My daughter did cheerleading
completion here in this gym.
My son attended gym during
school hours here in this gym!
Same with Caleb (grandson) for the last
four years.
Now, he graduates to the 9th grade
right here in this gym.
This is Caleb walking across the stage
for the certificate.
(sorry, me being a photographer
you would think I would have had a
real camera but NO I took only the cell)!

One of his friends.

He it is....he is moving on up.


Congrats Caleb!
Next one to venture through he
will be DJ in six years.
Thanks for stopping in,

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy 4th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson
4 years ago today you
said I do!
Happy Anniversary!!
Let's look back and remember
that day.....
Such a beautiful couple.
Meet the guys that helped make
my son's day a special one.
The ladies that helped to make it special...
Britney with her mom and the ladies!
I actually spent more time with the
guys since Britney had her uncle
and family friend working with her.
These guys are the best.
The wedding with Nick doing the
marrying of the couple.
The group!
Gotta love the fun they were willing to have.

Check out Cory's face!! lol
I love this.
Another fav of mine.
Russ was giving the bestman speech!

And that speech brought tears to
Cory's eyes.
It's okay, mom was crying too.
And Britney's dad was giving his

I have photographed many weddings but
this had to be the most beautiful, and
not cause it was my son...
the colors just went so well

It was a beautiful day in Southern Calif
at a winery. Slight breeze,
sun not so bright, beauiful blue
sky and great people all around!
So thankful that I could be there
not only as the mom of the groom
but as a photographer.
Thankful that my son found such
an amazing woman to share is life
I love you both with all my heart
Britney and Cory.
Thanks for stopping in,


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another This, That and The Other

This pic was taken a year or so
ago but Dakota is hoping
that everyone had a great
Memorial Day.

Dakota wanting in...and I am 
not moving fast enough.

Out a bit with the camera on Sunday.
Stopped on the side of the road for
some pics.

Love Queen Anne's Lace.

Biggest "blower" I have seen
in a long time!

Check out this tree...
tree hugging tree
or would that be a tree huger?


Isn't he just adorable?
Si, he is so laid back, like
he had not care in the world.
Si is part pit and part husky.
Love those eyes.

Saw these in a tree on the side of the rode...
course they were calling my name.

Yep....I was enjoying these flowers.
So pretty.

Thanks for stopping in,