Sunday, March 21, 2010

I heart faces

This weeks photo challenge for I Heart Faces is photo's
taken at unusual angles.

This photo of my grandson, Caleb was taken at the
park a couple of weeks ago. He was up on one of the
play wooden boats, going down the hatch to the bottom,
which made him a bit higher then me. I snapped this
just before he lowered himself into the bow fo the ship.

Love that smile he always gives Nana when he is the center
of my attention.
take a look at all the interesting photo's.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit with Caleb and I
at play.


Christina Lee said...


Kellie said...

too cute!

Kate said...

Cool shot!

Danielle said...

ha! That totally made me giggle!

Mrs. Claus said...

What fun and a great shot for today's challenge!

Farmgirl said...


Julie said...


Julie said...

very cute!

Jan said...

LOL!! I just LOVE it!!!

Adeena said...


That's hilarious! Cute pic.